Euro Truck Simulator 2 DirectX 11 in patch 1.36 – It’s time!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 will now only be supporting systems running on DirectX 11 starting with patch 1.36. It’s about time! It’s one of the few major updates that ETS2 got in terms of graphics lately. You might be wondering what does this mean and what are the benefits? Also, If you want to know more about this new patch, read more here.

First of all, let’s understand what DirectX 11 is. It is a collection of APIs that handles tasks related to multimedia and games on Windows (and other Microsoft platforms). Most of the games created by SCS are only DirectX compatible, which appeared in 2002. Upgrading to version 11 will bring a few benefits which are listed below.

ETS2 looks better: it is a little harder to notice the quality difference, but there is one.

More frames: On most computers ETS2 will run the same scenarios with more frames.

Also, there is a downside: machines with older video cards that are not DirectX 11 compatible are not able to update anymore.

Below I attached a video from Euro Truck Simulator 2 where we compare the FPS between the DirectX 11 and 9. What we find out is quite interesting so make sure to check it out!

What other things did you notice since the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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