EuroKac Pack v2.7.5

So, You are probably wondering what the heck is “EuroKac”. The answer is simple, It is my own fictional company in Euro Truck. At the start, this was my private mod. I decided to release it to the public because I wanted to see if this mod would go well.

– Requires Scania R&S BY RJL and nothing else.
– Liftable trailer axles will be added in the next update.

What this mod adds :
– EuroKac Tandem For Scania R&S By RJL
– A Few EuroKac Trailers
– The Cooliner 25 (EuroKac)
– EuroKac Scania R&S Paintjobs
– EuroKac Cargoes

Credits: Kacperth Workshop, RJL , Flemming V, Capital


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