Fair Cargo Prices

Have you ever wondered how come the heavy weight 50+ tons cargoes have similar prices with goat cheese and some used papers ? Or have you ever felt that the heavy weight cargoes should have the highest prices over normal cargoes ? Because you have spent a lot of energy and effort to haul those 50+ tons, and not to mention how much money you have spent upgrading your trucks just to hual these monsters. You deserve more than the goat cheese price !
ORDER OF THE NEW PRICES ( Number one being the lowest , Five being the highest )
1. Ordinary cargoes such as cheese, fruits, beef , …. ( Vanilla prices , no changes )
2. All ADR cargoes. ( Slightly higher than all of the above )
3. 20 – 30 tons cargoes
4. 30 – 40 tons cargoes
5. 50+ cargoes
However, all cargoes are still subject to the special conditions such as Fragile, Urgent, Important deliveries.
Please note that the prices you see in the photo and the VDO are based on a level 20 driver. Not a Newbie level. The highest price in this mod is just about 2 – 3 times higher than the lowest price (the normal cargoes remian vanilla value).
– Patch 1.28 , may be with some older versions too.
– Saved game compatible.
– All official DLCs compatible.
– All maps compatible.
– Effect only to SCS’s original cargoes.
– Place this mod higher than other economy, cargo mods.

Credits: Momo, Yuna


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