Freightliner Classic V4

Freightliner Classic V4
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Advanced couple feature ready.
Fixed some accessories position.
Fixed mirrors.
Fixed mainglass position.
Reduced reflections inside cabin.
Corrected glass_set accessories positions.
Other minor changes.

Please inform about problems/errors. Thank you.

Need minimum ETS2 V1.24 Open beta game version!!
To install more (a lot) cabin accessories, you must download:
and SiSL Mega Pack.

Credits: Solaris36, Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Sliipais. Skiner, Direct Modding, Lucasi, Wadethe3rd, Pauly, Imperator3, MixaSen, TKK5050-3Chome, LucasI_, EviL.


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