SCS listened to us! Germany gets a makeover

We kindly asked a few posts back for an update to the old regions of the map, such as Germany and UK, as they are obsolete compared to the other regions of the map. Our prayers were heard by SCS and in the next ETS2 patch 1.32 we will be getting a makeover to the old regions of the map. As SCS stated in their blog post, they were built years ago and need the most care.

The first place to get revisited in Germany. Unfortunately this will take some time and we understand it: “We cannot redo the whole country in one quick step, though. The land area is huge, comparable to any newer map DLC. ”

ETS2 Patch 1.32 germany

In the screenshots posted we can see that they did some considerable changes, not only in the cities but on the highways too. Important note: “the changes in Update 1.32 should only be considered “stage 1″ with several more steps to follow, as the team’s focus will gradually shift from the north towards the south of the region. ”

The best part is that all the makeover that the map will get will be free, which seems fair considering the prices of the DLCs 😀

ets2 germany makeover

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