Great Poland v1.3.2 by ModsPL

Great Poland v1.3.2 by ModsPL

Compatible with TSM.
Rebuilt border in Zgorzelec
Added checkpoints on the A4 highway in some places.
Reworked signs on the border of Warmia and Mazury and Podlaski provinces.
Correction for those who do not have Beyond the Baltic Sea, who restore S7 and restore S51.

Mod will rebuild some main roads and cities in Poland and Slovakia
Actual mod version – 1.3.2
Mod is for version of ETS2 – 1.33
New improvements in Poland:
> highway A4 Zgorzelec-Bielany
> highway A8 as Wrocław bypass
> motorway S8 near Wrocław
> road 8 Wrocław-Border
> road 35 near Wrocław
> road 94 near airport
> new signs and models (Dominiko)
> loading screens (beta)
Other improvements:
New loading screens (Great Poland)
Numbers of main roads
Signs of Polish voivodeships (provinces)
Rebuilded highways: A1, A2, A4, A6, A8
Rebuilded motorways: S1, S3, S6, S7, S8, S11, S14, S17, S19, S51, S52, EOW
Rebuilded cities: Katowice, Warszawa
Added cities: Rzeszów, Gliwice
New sign font
Rebuilded highways: D1, D2, D3, D4
Rebuilded motorways: R3, R4
It won’t work with ProMods

Credits: ModsPL, Dominiko


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