Iveco Hi-Land Concrete Mixer 1.34

Iveco Hi-Land Concrete Mixer 1.34

Mods Some Features
Slot Bumper
Slot Bumper
Slot Fenders
Slot Mixer Coating
The car has been converted to ETS2 from the beginning.

You can buy the vehicle from the IVECO gallery.
NOTE: Buy the tool by clicking “Go to the Selected Gallery”.

People who help: Metehan Bilal, Erdem Kuzey, Samet Arıkan, Harun Aras, Musa Çakır, Ensar Karyağdı, Digorlu Umut, Yasin Çalım, Nazımcan Küçükateş, Alp Bey

Credits: Semih Köseoğlu


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