MHAPro map EU 1.7.1 for ETS2 v1.16.x

mhapro-map-eu-1-7-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_1 mhapro-map-eu-1-7-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_4

by Heavy Alex

1. new highway A29 from Dieppe (F) to Le Havre (F)
2. Dieppe (F)
– company Gradis
3. new city Le Havre (F)
– company Sanbuilders
– company WGCC
– company BCP
– company LKW
– company Smartway
4. new place for toll gate near Venezia (I)
5. new highway with highway to north from Venwzia (I) – A27
6. new company Smartway (company for oil,diesel,gas and fuel)
7. new company Mercatone
8. new city Treviso (I)
– company ITTC
– company Transinet
– company Smartway
– company Mercatone
9. fixed road number signs for Italy in original blue color
10. new look Portsmouth (UK) harbor and dock for trucks
11. new Ferry connection between Portsmouth (UK) and Le Havre (F)
12. new city Bristol (UK)
– company Morrisson
– company Smartway¸
– company Europe
– company Maxilla transport
13. fixed big truck dealers for version 1.16.
14. fixed small truck dealers – buildings
15. fixed bug (cut line) on cross from Southampton to London
16. new city Hereford (UK)
– company Sellplan
– company Fueltrans
– company transport21
– company Concargo
– company Sawmill
17. redesigned road Hereford (UK) – Cardiff (UK)
18. new crosses and highway N27 – near Dieppe (F)
19. fixed old problem with double Prefabs in game (thanks to Den Eds idea)
20. fixed connection with Concargo company in Roermond (NL)
21. fixed invisible problem on cross M4/M5 in UK


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