MHAPro map EU 1.8.1 – ETS2 v1.16.x by Heavy Alex

mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_1 mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_20 mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_8 mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_22 mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_26 mhapro-map-eu-1-8-1-for-ets2-v1-16-x-by-heavy-alex_40

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.8.1. (Compatible with 1.16.x None-steam and Steam and higher):
1. new cross near Carlisle (UK) – south of city M6/A6
2. new cross near Carlisle (UK) – north of city M6/A69
3. redesigned road from A15 (near Grimsby (UK)) to highway A1
4. redesigned road from A1 to highway M6
5. fixed some small SCS mistakes on roads and crosses, signs and other things


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