Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v5.1

Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v5.1

This is my trailer- and cargopack for ETS2 Version 1.33.
It contains ficticious as well as real companies.
Freight correspond to the trailers.
Trailers also are integrated in ai-traffic.
Cable connections are NOT interated.
To avoid warnings in your gamelog.txt (which don’t affect your play),
go to Settings – Gameplay – Trailer Cbles and set ‘None’.

New Changelog in v5.1:
– 45 new trailers
– cargosystem adapted to new SCS-cargosystem
– cargo names in German
– English cargo names as additional scs-file
– ‘Lower Freight Rates’ as additional .scs-file

If you prefer English cargo names, you also install ‘cargopack_penguin_51_eng.scs’.
This must be placed ABOVE of the pack in Modmanager!

If you want more realistic (lower) freight rates, install ‘lower_freight_rates.scs’ and
place it ABOVE of other mods that contain an ‘’!

The pack now consists of 502 trailers of 493 companies!

– Fruehauf IceLiner
– Schwarzmueller Fuel-Cistern
– Schwarzmueller Fuel-/Gas-Cistern
– Eurotype Cement Cistern
– Schmitz Container Trailer
– Krone ProfiLiner
– Krone CoolLiner
– Krone Fridge
– Schmitz Universal
– Schmitz Cargobull Koffer
– Food Trailer

Credits: Penguin


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