Power Transmission 1.30

Power Transmission 1.30

Suspends 900,000,000t trailer and tested that enjoy
Other Map application possibility
chassis 4×2 20t, 6×2~6 25t, 8×2~8 30t
4×2 chassis tank size : 2400 adblue tank sizes : 600
6×2~6 tank sizes : 6400~8600 adblue tank sizes : 1000~1200
8×2~8 chassis tank sizes : 8600 adblue tank sizes : 1200
Exclusive use Truck POWER Gear
scania engine 730hp (953kw) R S 2016
MP4 engine 750hp (851kw) POWER Gear

Tuning Parts

Korea Mod
Scania R S 2016 8×6.scs
Credits: an225,GoldLightMe

Credits: GoldLightMe
Power Transmission v8.5.scs
MB Actros MP-IV Engines.scs
Scania Engine v7.0.scs


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