Profiliner B-double v1.1 by Kast [1.31]

Profiliner B-double v1.1

Mod adds b-double for standard profiliner trailers.

-Game version 1.31.x

Changes in v1.1:
-Adapted to game version 1.31.x
-template changes
-new skins
-cables added
-some reworks on trailers
-two b-link trailer combo added

-missing wheels fixed

-Advanced coupling
-Trailer lift axle
-Animated braces
-LOD Models
-Trailer cables

!Please do not reupload. If you want to share mod use original link!

Author: Kast
Skins: Fabry85
Trailer wheels: Bora
B-link trailer wheels: Abasstreppas

Credits: Kast, Fabry85, Bora, Abasstreppas, Scs


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