Project Japan – Japan re-created in 1:19

ets2 Project Japan

Project Japan is a stand-alone project looking to re-create the whole country of Japan. This is an Euro Truck Simulator 2 project and in a completely new continent and country, Japan! The map is being done in 1:19 scale, equivalent to the scale of USA and Europe in the truck sims.Work was started on the north-central coast of Japan. The first city was Toyama, located in the Chūbu region. We are now expanding beyond. This is a long-time and large scale project.


Founder and Admin – stoked_dude, gmtavares, arvin, karu0920

Regional Coordinator – hideG, ҀЯДҀЌ鬼

Techical Advisor – こうつう

Dev [Mapper] – Masakicci, Tarakotakeo, waiwai0423, オセロット, zume, 広ヒロ
caspercat *, 3xtremor_PL*, ひこうき*, Speednuts*, stoked_dude*

Dev [Asset creators] – ぽぺんたす, 夏ミカン, まなみん, HiroshiHaruyama, Yuzuhara_Hiro, Tiyuki Jp, 洸竜, らっちょ, TOSHI,
神乃木(CSL), とかち(CSL), こま(CSL), 白籟(CSL),
Plum*, Karayuu* , Koma26*, ひゅうが* ,okayamabashi* , RAMBO-528*,
Wispy* , WxP* , しのぽん* , 中村主水*, Yasuto Sasaki *, 整備士*, ぶんが*, 快晴*, Martin*

Associate – Davyddin* , Hixo*, Koen* , NewCoolMapper* , PerrydPelle*

Beta Tester – Betti, はじめ, Mr.Japan, しょう君, KD, よしけい, Thomas_214, 2Peter76 , 味付けキムチ(Resting),
naniwacchi *, JayCetic*, Niiyan*

Promoters – theclumsygeek, Milan, Wombat Trucker

Previously – Bobgrey1997 ( Retired ) , simonced ( Retired )

names with (*) previous people that worked with Project Japan


Project Japan JP - Twitter

Project Japan Official Discord –

Credits: FLD for road prefabs and road assets.
Koutsuu for several japanese objects.
Todor Alin for maps walkers crossing streets.
plykkegaard for road prefabs and road assets.
Dan89 for Environment props for modders.
Penguin for JNR DE10 type diesel locomotive.
Pankare for GD-Highway Gothic JA-TTF.
jaijai for Japanese Buses LV290 KV290.


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