Radar Detector v1.6.0

Radar Detector v1.6.0

Tested on version 1.31.1s
When approaching the speed cameras, the voice warns about the operation of the radar.
Works on a standard map with all DLC
Police cars in excess of speed is not fined (who is not satisfied – delete the folder unit in the archive RADAR – DETECTOR v1.6 (1.31.1s) female voice.scs
If desired, you can install a radar on the windshield. Is in accessories. ( for all default and other popular truck mods. List
in the installation instructions).

Credits: Schumi, Zeddd, Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass), Lacoste36


One comment on “Radar Detector v1.6.0

  1. Is it possible to replace the given audio (voice) by own MP3 files (e.g. Just an acustic signal)?
    Please make a ProMods Version of it, no one plays vanilla in Singleplayer.
    Great work, like it. Maybe Steam Workshop would make your mod even more popular.

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