Realistic FOV 45° 1.23

Realistic FOV 45° 1.23

– Compatible with all DLC
– Compatible with ProMods
– Compatible with TSM Maps & Slovakia Map
– Compatbile with Skoda Superb, BMW X6

1. before applying mod, go into the game and reset your Seat Adjuster
2. in the Sear Adjuster menu, pull back the seat to maximum with the “S” key and press “K” twice (to incline forward)
3. save
4. apply mod
5. enjoy a new level of realism

Credits: Samo


One comment on “Realistic FOV 45° 1.23

  1. As a real trucker (I drive a Scania G440 and MAN TGX) this is absolutely THE best mod for ETS2 that one can have. Although my best suggestion before applying the mod is Seat Adjuster…..all the way back, twice seat down, and then 4 times eyepoint down. The mod authors suggestion of all the way back and eyepoint twice down isnt enough. This in my real life experience is a more realistic viewpoint. Well done author!

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