Road to the Black Sea DLC Released

Road to the Black Sea DLC is now live and ready to be downloaded on the Steam page.

20 new major cities and many more towns and rural villages to discover! New countries to explore: Romania, Bulgaria, and the European part of Turkey.

Road to the Black Sea DLC Released

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More features of the Road to the Black Sea DLC:

  • Border crossings – including feature-rich border controls
  • River ferry over the Danube (Dunaj)
  • 20 new major populated cities with garages
  • Europe’s largest city, Istanbul
  • Multitude of smaller towns and settlements
  • Over 10,000 kilometers of roads to drive on
  • 22 new companies to drive for
  • 11 new local company docks and industries
  • Most famous landmarks and recognizable places
  • Detailed characteristic Balkan architecture
  • Wide range of brand new unique 3D-assets
  • Lush typical regional vegetation
  • Local AI trains, trams, and traffic cars
  • Horse carts – for Bulgarian and Romanian countrysides
  • Black Sea region achievements to unlock

See a trailer for the ETS2 DLC:

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