Roads Brazil Map (Mapa RBR) V1.0.7


Changes in version 1.0.6:
• General Changes:
– Approximate distances in real, some variations of up to 15kms
– Time a little longer
– Company AMBEV exchanged places
• Roads:
– Immigrants highway linking São Paulo to Santos
• New prefabs (Crossroads):
– Immigrants Bridge
– New post
• Signs:
– All boards Immigrant saw
• Trucks and Cargo models:
– Added the trucks: Mercebes Benz 1938 Scania 112 and the Volkswagen 18.310
– Trailers (Skins)
• Resolved:
– Taken all bugs yet
Changes in new version 1.0.7:
Free version only for patch 1.15 Euro Truck Simulator 2.
This version worked only until February when it will be released version 1.8 of Rio de Janeiro.
Compatible with cards:
Standard SCS map
RUS MAP V1.4.5
Tested version: 1.15.x
Please download from the original reference !!!!


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