Scania 124L Mod – 1.33 -1.34

Scania 124L Mod – 1.33 -1.34 ETS2 Scania 124L interior

Hi Friends, I Want To Make A Mode After A Long Break Most of the mode is Slots.
-Video on the cause of the assembly is due to the installation program.
-V1 is presented to you as. Read More Gelicektir.

-Kabin Light is lit by the letter O.
-Orj Audio Available.
-Full AO Coated

-Car Owner: Kirill Mladshev
-Fix: Uğur CİVAN
-Edit: Deniz YILDIRIM
-Led Erdem North
-Some Parts Deniz YILDIRIM

-The condition is from 1.32 to 1.34.
-Fighter Break Edit Throw is strictly prohibited.
-Link Change Forbidden.

Good Games.

Credits: Deniz YILDIRIM . Uğur CİVAN and Kirill Mladshev


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