Scania Touring ETS2 1.34

Scania Touring ETS2 1.34 ETS2 Scania Touring ETS2 1.34

The best Mod Bus for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is fantastic and I really enjoyed it and always wanted to use it.

This MOD is open and I only edit some files and discard the unused ones so they can be used on ETS2 patch 1.34 and not 100% FIXED.

Hopefully this can entertain you all

MOD BUS Original

Please download the MOD BUS that I edited to be used at ETS 2 patch 1.34

Extract winrar then put the scs file in ↓

My Documents → Euro Truck Simulator 2 → mod folder

Tested ETS2 patch 1.34.x

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Credits: Djoxer Sableng


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