Seasonal Add-on for Realistic Graphics Mod 1.30

Add-on for using Realistic Graphics Mod with the current seasonal mod from Grimes. Version 1.0.
The weather will be updated every week for more variety.
Current season:
– Winter version of weather and lighting, customized for the winter-mod Frosty Winter;
– The cloudy weather has been added, less sunny weather;
– Removed cumulus clouds;
– Temperature is below zero.

Mod includes Darker Graphics Addon and Promods Compatibility Addon, they need to be disabled, if used. Also mod is not compatibility with other Frkn64`s addons for RGM.

With other winter mods, conceived lighting and work without errors are not guaranteed.
Compatible with ProMods 2.25 and RusMap. With other maps not tested.

Game version: 1.30.
RGM version: 1.9.2-2.0.2.
Frosty Winter version: 6.5.

The order of mods installation in the mod-manager (the first item has the highest priority):

1. Seasonal Add-on;
2. Add-ons for Frosty Winter, if necessary;
3. Frosty Winter (required).
4. Realistic Graphics Mod (required);

– Skybox changed for cloudy weather;
– Correction of the color of the sun in cloudy weather and during snow;
– Correction of weather options for the ProMods map;
– Removed excess green color during sunrise and sunset.
– Starting with this version, the weather will be updated every week for more variety.

Authors: Itsuken, SGate, Supric, Frkn64, Grimes.


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