Skoda Superb + Caravan 1.33

Skoda Superb + Caravan 1.33

– Customizable pilot paintjob
– Yellow single beacon
– Yellow front flasher
– New blue light bar (Police (EU))
– Blue front flasher and flashing headlights (Civil Police (EU))
– Blue rear flasher (Civil Police (EU))
– Blue/Red front flasher and flashing headlights (Civil Police)
– Blue/Red front flasher at the inside mirror (Civil Police)
– Blue/Red rear flasher and flashing taillights (Civil Police)
– Blue rear-warning system (only if picked the blue front flashers)
– Towbar
– Caravan mirrors
– Caravan is now ownable
– Interior accessory slot
– Shifting now works!

Credits: Lara Croft


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