Snowy/Dirty Skin for Renault Magnum v1

2725-snowydirty-skin-for-renault-magnum-1_1 2725-snowydirty-skin-for-renault-magnum-1_4

Compatible with Renault Magnum and Magnum Updates by Knox_xss.
Skin resolution is 4K(not upscaled), color is changeable and metallic.

This mod also contains;
1. (Magnum Updates by Knox_xss) Snowy windshield, sunshield, front mudflaps textures.
2. (Vanilla/SCS Magnum) Snowy fenders, 5th wheel textures.
3. (For both) Snowy rear mudflaps, some chassis/cabin parts, taillights


Aradeth, Knox_xss


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