Speed warning sound 1.33

Speed warning sound 1.33

The modification is suitable for all kinds of radar, radar, tachographs and other “tweeters”. The mod simulates the sound (squeak) of the on-board computer when the specified speed limit is exceeded. The archive contains 6 scs files: 90 km \ h; 100 km / h; 110 km / h; 120 km / h; 130 km / h; 140 km / h; and a separate 60 km \ h file for Special Transport DLC.
The mod works only with standard SCS trucks!
The unit of length (distance) must be in kilometers. (changes in settings)!
PS If you use Sound Fixes Pack, then connect the files from the folder: ETS2 + SFP.
Game Version: ETS2 1.33
Credits: Team TLTSgames, adaptation: VITALIY7735

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