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MAN TGX Euro 6 v2.1 by MADster

Added in v2.1: -New mirror system -Animated air and electrical cables -Customisable license plate -Wind deflectors in different versions -Heavy duty front hook for 8×4 chassis -New on board display (as realistic as possible) -New engines/transmission -3D chassis and engine badges -Efficient Line skins Download

MAN TGX 8×4 10×4 ETS2 1.31

MAN TGX 8×4 10×4 ETS2 1.31.2.x 20.05.2018 Version 8.3 – ready for 1.31.x.x – DLC Flags Version 8 – ETS2 1.25.x.x ready – with Advanced Coupling – Ulferts Skin + Template what is new on V7.0 – 10×4 Chassi – some game_log warnings and Download

MAN F2000 19.604 v1.0.4

– MAN F2000 in MAN Shop – ready for Cable Simulation – Cabin XXL without spoiler ( + Flags DLC ready + Convoi Shield + R_Grill) – 2x Chassi 8×4 – with Advanced Trailer Coupling (8×4/4×2/6×2/6×4 Chassi) – Template for Skinners – Ulferts Skin Download

MAN F90 v4.01.1 ETS2 1.30

MAN-F90 Reworked v4.01 Updates For versions of the game 1.28.x – 1.30.xx Changelog: – updated on 1.28.x – 1.30.xx – 3 Interiors (1 with original MAN textures and 1 luxery) – 3 engines added (360 hp, 460 hp and 500 hp) – 2 16 Download

MAN TGX 2010 v5.2 by XBS

version: 5.2 Standalone trucks, Sold in MAN Dealer shop. version ETS2 1.30 The current version of the mod and its discussion: UV Template for all Trailers and containers. What’s new in version 5.2 Added: New trailer VAK Kesko- Finnish combination of 31 meters. (hook Download

MAN TGA + Wielton trailer

I give Wielton with the company basket for version 1.30. Blink In addition to Easter, I add Manika TGA with dds registrations I wish you a happy Easter Credits: EdekLs, Borsuk, Krystian Gaming, Majeek, MADster, CobraBlue6 DOWNLOAD Download

MAN TGX 2010 v5.1

What’s new in version 5.1: Added: New trailer VAK V 4-40 4-axlar Drawbar trailer.(hook height of 800 mm) Added: Lazer High Performance LED Lighting (5 types) Fixed some inaccuracies. Standalone trucks Sold in MAN Dealer shop. Basic model SCS Software. No details from other Download

DLC Support for Man GTX 2010 1.30

Hello I want to offer you another DLC package for MAN TGX2010 by XBS The package supports these DLC – Raven Truck Design Pack – National Window Flags – Valentine’s Paint Jobs Pack – Force of Nature Paint Jobs Pack – Halloween Paint Jobs Download

MAN TGX Euro 6 MADster v2 ReEdit BalkanTuF 1.30

Added in v2.0: The whole model was reuilded/retouched -Interiors: Facelift/Performance Line/Performance Lion -Animations: Lifted axle icon -Dashboard display: Retarder indicator -Roof bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome -Low/bottom bars: 5 variants available in Paint/Chrome -Side bars: 2 variants available in Paint/Chrome -Bumpers: Facelift/Facelift Heavy Download