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Mercedes Axor 1.33 reworked and modified

I just took the test video and the mod doesn’t belong to me vehicle chrome anim and some pieces of artin winchian bodywork ao erdem north hair body abdulkadir quince solo napkin and tent muhammad tuncer parcels captain362 Banana Boxes and Crates Followings chrome Download

Mercedes Benz MP1 v1.1 ValheiN Edition

Cables ready. Flags DLC ready. Cabin DLC & SiSL megapack compatibility. Needs SiSL megapack to all cabin accessories work correctly. Addapted to 1.33.x ETS2 game version. Changelog: v1.1 for 1.33.x reworked all chassis variants(same way as mp2) added rear fenders variants added mufflers reworked Download

Mercedes Actros MP2 [UPD 03-12-18] 1.33

Current Mod Version 3.2 this it’s an emergency update it’s only for make the mod work correctly on 1.33 version of the game. Changelog 3.2: updated the anims to work with new rain system. removed oudated piva dashboard. fixed interior glass brightness. improved interior Download

New Actros Valhein Edit 1.32

Features: -Tandem -4×2 Lowdeck chassis -8×4 reworked chassis -Full customizable -Original interior -Original sound -And many more Note: The light box is customizable in the rar you have a mod archive called “New_Actros_Lightbox.scs” inside that mod archive you have the template and a info.txt Download

Mercedes Actros MP2 Low Deck Addon

Standalone Mercedes Actros MP2 ETS2 1.32 patch tested 4×2 low deck chassis proper bumpers for low deck raised and non raised spoilers proper low deck fenders NOTE: the top of the new spoilers are using the template from low roof spoiler of MP3 sow Download

Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v2.6 [Schumi] 1.32

Mod replaces the default model of the Mercedes Actros MP3 – Plastic and paint bumper and part of the cab – Plastic and paint grid engine – A movable part on the rear wings – Front mudflaps – The decals on side glass Updated Download

Mercedes Actros MP2 RC v3

Changes in v3.0 (RC3.0): fixed gauges. fixed head lights. fixed sticker visor on interior, now you can see the sticker. fixed integrated gps brightness. truck mapped by capital. added 8×4 Chassis. added 4×2 chassis with two big tanks and 1200l of fuel capacity. added Download

Mercedes 1935

– Multiple engine options – Multiple chassis options – Multiple transmission options – Various skins and paintings options – Own interior and various accessories – Various external accessories – Great mod with several options – Working on version 1.31.x Credits: SouzaSG DOWNLOAD Download