Physics Mod Archive

Truck Physics for Swinging Cabins v3

Physics Swinging Cabin version 3 * Trailer physics changed value * Only scs chassis changed * Do not adjust trailer mounted control * Handling according to load varies * Soft version * I use the control settings in the folder * Conflicts with other Download

Flexible Truck Physics v1.9 1.33

This mod improves truck physics to be more free and flexible. v1.9 released. Changelog: – Now compatible with 1.33 update. – All truck physics re-optimised. Features – More springable and softer truck suspensions – More shaky truck cab – More difficult overturning on curvy Download

Physics rework v4a

* Trailer damping was increased from 0.5 to 0.7 * Inertia scaling const was decreased from 1.4 to 1.0 * New recomendations for v4a: residual_travel: 0.10 # for front axles residual_travel: 0.088 # for other axles g_suspension_stiffness 0.7 g_trailer_stability 0.4 g_truck_stability 0.5 Credits: knox_xss DOWNLOAD Download

Physics rework for 1.33 v4

With the advent of version 1.33, decided to rework my physics from v1.32 for this version. This is my vision of physics and it may not coincide with reality, as well as with your vision Author: knox_xss DOWNLOAD Download

Air Ride A3 by Momo 1.33

This mod makes your driver seat move up & down like it’s on air suspension. It can both work as a stand alone or an add on for any other physics mod. A : Extra sensitivity, Low frequency (may not work correctly with 1.33) Download

Real Truck Physics ETS2 1.33 & 1.32

Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension. –Decreased autocentering speed of steering wheel. Decreased truck turning ability – Added chassis, cabin, engine, transmission and wheel wear –Increased intensity of engine braking – truck slow downs faster – All SCS’s trucks compatible Download

Realistic physics 1.32

really physics is very important in this kind of games, the producers don’t care much about it with this mode you will now enjoy the game with less by the way, if you subscribe to my channel you will be very happy follow the Download

TT Truck and Driver Physics v1.3 Hard 1.32

This mod increases the truck’s cab oscillations. In ETS2 the drive is fixed as if it is connected to the seat. The drive head does not move. It is designed to partially simulate the movements of the driver’s body and the driver’s head. You Download

Physics of the Truck v2.6 from ~Tok~ 1.31

– Improved physics of suspension, cab, engine, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin. – Supports all default trailers, and also added: Scania RS [RJL]; Scania 143m; Iveco 190-38 Special; KamAZ 54-64-65; MAZ-5432-6422. Links to the tracks under the video on YouTube Changes Download