Trailer Skin Archive

Camouflage Trailer Skin Pack

Camouflage Trailer Skin Pack for ETS2 5 skins. Tested on version 1.32 Enjoy it ūüôā Try it with Scania S camouflage skin pack Credits:¬†MoGo DOWNLOAD Download

Taiwan Trailers Skins

This module is generic in Taiwan common Logistics truck painting, to replace the game itself, the built-in container coating. Currently there are about 40 more of the coating, the future will slowly increase… Note: Portion of the container coating need to install the map Download

Rudis Skin Mix v1

Some skins for Kast Ekeri trailers. 3 different types of the Ekeri trailer √° 30 skins = 90 different skins! 30 skins for the City Trailer with lift, without cooler. 30 skins for the Jumbo with cooler. 30 skins for the ¬īnormal¬ī Semitrailer with Download

Slovenia Trailer Skin Pack

Companies in pack – Goja – Brus – Klemen Transport – Avtoprevoznik Tolmin – LuŇ°ina – MarMel – Koblar Transport – Ploj Credits:¬†DaviD_SRB, axelrol DOWNLOAD Download

ETS2 Map Trailer

Lot of maps from this year posted on one trailer. Ai / Standalone trailer. Works on ETS 1.2*.* Enjoy. Credits: Johan Coolkat DOWNLOAD Download

JBK-Trailerpack 15 Trailer v1

JBK-Trailerpack 15 Trailer Credits: JoachimK, RommiTZ, MDModding, ETS2Studio, JBK-TRANS 2016 Original: — yes Origine: – Netherland, Germany and others Skins: -JoachimK Tested in: 1.25.xx Truck/s: — Trailer: – Krone Profiliner (MDModding) – Krone Coolliner (MDModding) – Schmitz SK.O Eigenschaften Trailer: – Standalone, – Angepasste Download