version 1.12.x Archive

Mods for Version 1.12.x

Mars Trailer v1

This is a mod changes the eurogoodies trailer. The mod was on versions 1.08.0 – tested 1.16.2s. Author: Myhael DOWNLOAD Download

No damage Mod v2.1.1

New version of no damage mod. Now this mod can help you: – Max speed is 888 km/h – No police – No punishments – No damage Works with all new versions Credits: wojtasFH, jasperwork edit DOWNLOAD Download

Mercedes Benz 1113

This is a 1113 truck,with Small mistakes , but nothing that hinders the fun. the truck is standalone and can be found in the majestic Dealers. -has optional accessories; -chassis 6×2 , 4×2. work in all versions of euro truck Sorry for my bad Download

Mega Engine & Transmission Pack

Mega pack of engines and gearboxes all in one, to avoid being with several files so it is more comfortable It is not compatible with the Just Play Mod, conflict of grilles and streamline volvo Seven powerful engines, gearboxes 6v, 12v and 21v for Download

Iveco EuroTech

Iveco EuroTech, version 1.12.1 -Separate slot -Custom interior -tuning Test version: 1.12.1 tested & works on patch 1.16!! Author: Ant457 DOWNLOAD Download

Autumn Mod patch 1.12

(Patch 1.12.1) With this mod you change the textures in the game on Autumnal colors. – New road textures – Pavement textures now leaves – New tree textures – Hedges changed textures – Lots of new textures in horizon – New rain and thunder Download

Mini pack Standalone trailers

Firm trailer: Krone Cool Liner. Weight – Loads: Various. Registered in the traffic. Test version: 1.12.1s. Author: ♕-SlawkA-♕ – {SlawkA-BagiR} DOWNLOAD Download