version 1.16.x Archive

Mods for ETS 2 version 1.16.x

Real company logo v2.4.4

Mod changing company logos and skins at Krone and Schmitz trailers for painting real companies. Mod tested and working on v1.25 If you using my Trailer Mod Pack, this mod must load after trailer mod. Changes: Scandinavian DLC )* Agronord – Jost Group )* Download

Kamaz 54115

Features: – Buying in showrooms DAF. – 3 cabins. – 4 chassis. – Its interior. – Sound engine КамАЗ – There is a painting of flowers. – spelled out in the company (orders agencies) Tested in ETS2 versions 1.16s-1.21s Credits: Ekualizer, Leha_99 Corrections and Download

Easy Economy by skaecik

This mod give you easy eco in game. 0 % bank loan, minimum fines, 550 xp for 10 km, xp significantly increased growth in skills and wages, and more. Tested on ETS2 1.16.2, 1.21.1. Other versions must be tested. Credits: skaecik DOWNLOAD Download

Schmitz Sties Trailer

Replaces Krone Profilner It Does Not appear in Traffic ETS2 1.16.x and the above works in all versions up to 1.21 Authors: Paul-Razvan Frentoni, Michail, K0Br4, furkan61 DOWNLOAD Download

Kamaz 54115 and trailer tank

– Buying in Motor Volvo. – Its interior. – Own Sound . – Has a couple of pieces in tyunenge . – Comes with a trailer tank . – Test versions ETS2 1.19.x / 1.18.x / 1.17.x / 1.16.x Credits: Lexan, Schumi , Nikon Download