TDU Traffic Pack reworked

tdu-traffic-pack-reworked_2 tdu-traffic-pack-reworked_1

Tested on ETS2 1.16.x
This mod includes all vehicles from TDU. The chance of every car to appear has been drastically increased (from 0.01 earlier to 0.5 now). However, super fast/expensive car are less likely to appear than cheaper cars. For example, an Audi-S6-avant will appear more often than a Bugatti Veyron. SCS-cars will still appear the most.
Mod should work with all maps. Most northern European countries included, countries of north Africa excluded.
Traffic density increased, from max. 50 cars/4 trucks to 80 cars/7 trucks.
The traffic density, spawn rate of different cars etc. etc. is the same in every country included. Have fun!




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