Transparent GPS route


At first, sorry for my English
Hello and welcome to my first (well… and probably the last) mod for ETS2 (because, I have big lack of skills to modding) 🙂
So If it’s not possible to change navigation path for us truckers who we want to drive on another route than the one picked by route advisor, I decided to do something with that. And after about 2 hours of hard work when I learned what the hell mean hex color codes and how to change them (you see, no skills) 🙂 I created mod which both, navigation red path and navigation green arrow makes invisible. It means no advised road in route advisor, on big map, even on job market map. Only start and finish flags remain visible.

As I wrote up, I have no skills, so this mod can be incompatible with some of your mods therefore I recommend using it with vanilla version of the game or at least without any 3rd party map mod. But it’s possible that it will work. And also I’m afraid that I will not be able to provide any support if something happen. I hope it’ll work without any problem.
And least but not last I’m not responsible for any damage to your game files, so backup your save files for sure

As usual, copy .scs file into mod folder in Documents folder

Cadde’s Undiscovered Road Finder, which served me as inspiration
My corded mouse, which held on the table when I wanted to throw her away




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