Tropical Environment v3.8

This mod simulates a tropical environment.
For use with EAA Brazil, PJ Indo and other warm climate maps.
Can also be used with the standard map or other European maps for a change of scenery.

Key Features
Tropical vegetation and terrain
Tropical weather
Road and sidewalk texture changes
Building changes
Painted kerbs and barriers
Yellow road lines
Other model changes

Compatibility Latest Version: ETS2 1.30
If you are using the Realistic Building Lights mod then place it below this mod in Mod Manager.
Recommended Mod: Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely.

Changes in v3.8
Updated for 1.30
Vegetation improvements

Tropical Environment is a graphics and weather mod so it is recommended that other environmental graphics, weather and HDR mods are disabled.
Place Tropical Environment on top in Mod Manager.

Credits: Grimes


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