4 comments on “Truck Dealer Fix BETA

  1. Thanks. This worked for TSM 5.4 with DLC and Rus Map 1.4.7. I was crashing at the Scania Dealership in Gomel, Russia.

  2. Update – This fix doesn’t work for all the large dealerships. I am constantly getting crashes at large dealerships. Here’s a list of just a few that are still causing crashes(although it did seem to work for a few others.) Versions: ETS v2.16.2s, TMS 5.4, RusMap 1.4.8, (RO Map 1.3.9 added later)

    Locations still crashing with Truck Dealer Fix Beta (not a complete list):

    Volvo Dealership in Kalamata (recently upgraded rus map to v1.4.8 from v1.4.7)
    Scania Dealership in Tripoli (after being teleported for truck repair)
    Majestic in Bratislava, Slovakia (recently added RO Map)
    Scania Dealership in Timisoara, Romania
    Man Dealership in Slatina, Romania
    Iveco Dealership in Recklinghausen
    Renault Dealership in La Rachellete..
    Daf Dealership in Latina
    Volvo Dealership in Serres
    Iveco Dealership in Alexandroupoli

  3. This ‘fix’ doesn’t work for me either. I tried to enter DAF dealership in Amsterdam, MAN dealership in Munchen and Volve dealership in Osnabruch; game crashed every time. MHA map 1.7. De-activated the map and game still crashing.

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