Truck Volvo VNL 2018 v2.17 ETS2 1.33, 1.34

Truck Volvo VNL 2018 v2.17 ETS2 1.33, 1.34 ETS2 Volvo VNL 2018

Overtook this truck from America to Europe at the request of our guys.

Updated model “2019”
Volvo VNL models: 740, 760, 860.

Purchased from dealer: Volvo

Present in the gallery of trucks, agency orders and traffic.

Its tuning, accessories and more.

And the archive has been added:
SiSL mega pack compatibility addon – VNL-VNR_addon_1.3
1. Volvo VNL 2019 LIQUI MOLY
2. Volvo VNL 2019 Ben Becker
Skin author: stewowe

You must have SiSL’s Mega Pack 3.0

There were errors in the fashion, which do not affect the work of the mod and the game in general.

Credits: FRANCK PERU: Original model.
PIVA: Dashboard, computer.
Other authors:
Jon Ruda and zGSP: Textures to improve the interior.
Flow below bits donated by Wolfi and GTM team
Update and fix: galimim
Overtaking for Europe: losevo58
Skin author: stewowe


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