Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix 1.8

Volvo FMX Kipper Rework by Mistersix 1.8

Hello Guys! I decided to create topic here and share my work 🙂 . The original FMX was introduced in 2010 and shared its platform and components with the FM. All FMX have been available with the choice of 11-litre and 13-litre Euro-5 engines, The D11 and D13 models. The production version went on sale in Europe in autumn 2010 and worldwide in 2011.The updated FMX range was launched in April 2013 with sales planned to begin in September 2013. The new FMX is available with a choice of 11-litre and 13-litre Euro-6 engines, the smaller D11 engine with power outputs from 330 to 450 horsepower and the larger D13 has power outputs from 420 to 540 horsepower. Want to become worker delivering sand to the construction site? So this is the modification for you! Volvo FMX waiting for you.

– 2 own trailers with own cargo[ore, sand, gravel, coal, rubble and dirt]
– trailers are ownable in dealer
– cable support
– flag and cabin dlc support
– complex tuning
– new accesories
– many slots
– cargo ready to equip for truck’s kipper
– snow addon
– different choice of chasiss
– smoke ready to equip
– custom licence plate ready
– own wheels
– interior lights and truck info system ready
– metallic skin support
– Few versions of kipper
– cement mixer applicable
– own beacons with realistic patterns
– additional slot for accessories in cabin
– fully compatible with jeyjey and sisl cabin addons (require these mods to make it work)
– animated rear mudflap
– additional accesories made for screen purposes
– kipper can be opened when selected in service configuration
– dirty windshield ready to attach
– own headlamp
– own interior accesories
– working engine badges
– decals and stickers
– skin template
– cistern equipment
– HDS variants
– various cargo applicable depends on chassis
– mobile crane equipment
– working windows

One of the most complex mods ever made. Tons of tuning, fun guaranteed!

Changelog for 1.8 version

-added mobile crane version
-new beacons
-new flatbed accessory with load – credits for @lunna
-corrected uv
-added truck skin – brand painting fmx and dirt version
-deleted some cement mixers due to bad quality, instead added new liebherr ones
-added openable windows (1.37 only)
-corrected some texture
-uptaded template
-reworked rear crane on chassiss type 2
Beacon 11,12,13 originally made by @stasiek2012

Installation: Extract scs files from downloaded archive to your <documents/euro truck simulator 2/mod> folder. Then Enable them in mod manager.

Support author:

Reupload on other sites is possible, but keep original link and give proper credits!

Credits: Mistersix, Jon Ruda, Wendigo, Abasstreppas, Ohaha, Eugene. Some parts authors:sisq,kyto,mtp,afrosmiu,galimim,roadhunter,jazzycat,stasiek2012


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